Friday, April 27, 2012

Best One Dollar Ever Spent

Yesterday our oldest had a tournament game. Of course I was running late. (When am I not) Anyway, I had to stop at Dollar General for a chair because all of mine magically disappeared.
 So anyone that knows me well, knows that I can't pass up a makeup aisle regardless of where I may be. I got my lawn chair and had to check out the cosmetics. Beside, my lips were feeling parched and I didn't have any lipstick in my purse. (GASP!)
 The only lip type items they had were from L.A. Colors. At first glance I didn't see one I liked then I saw Rose Petals and said for a buck what the heck. Can I tell you I am loving the color and the feel. This gloss is not at all sticky, very moisturizing, and a nice color payoff. Even hours after the color is gone my lips do not feel dry and actually feel quite moisturized.

So my next trip to Dollar General you can bet I will be paying more attention to the L.A. Colors Glosses.

Love and Lipgloss,


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tips for Liquid Liner

One exciting trend in beauty right now is winged liner. I love the look. Right now I am working on mastering it. I hope it doesn't get the best of me like those darn false lashes. LOL.
For a strong winged look, a liquid liner is essential. Once mastered liquid liner can give a dramatic effect. I want to share with you some tips on getting to know your liquid liner. At first it can seem intimidating or daunting, but I promise the end result is beautiful.

  1. Choose a liquid liner based on your taste. If you see someone with liner you admire, TELL THEM SO. People who share a passion for cosmetics love to share, so don't be shy ask them what brand it is and how they like it.
  2. Start with an inexpensive liner. A few that I like are Loreal Telescopic Waterproof Eyeliner and Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner. I will share with you a little about both below.
  3. Once you get your liner home, open it up. Get the feel of the pen or brush. How much product comes out? Is the consistency of the product thin?
  4. Practice. Practice. Practice. Try a swatch on your hand. How does the liner behave? Does the pen or brush drag? Do you need more than one swipe for desired results?
  5. A good time to practice is before you take off your makeup at night. Pull out the eyeliner and draw away.
  6. Don't decide to try your liquid liner on a day you are running late. The end result will not be pretty.
  7. Relax, it's just liner. Have fun with it. Soon you will be dying to line everyone.
A little more on the two brands I mentioned. Both brands are a good example of two types of liquid liner. One, the Loreal Telescopic is a pen type liner. The other Milani is a thick liquid with a brush. Both can achieve the look you want, the type is just a matter of preference and what you are comfortable with.

Pen Type Liquid Liner $5 - $7 @ Drugstores

Brush Type Liquid Liner $4 - $5 CVS or online

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this helped you pick a liner and inspired you to line away!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I had a great Saturday, spending time with my cousins, aunts and uncles. It was so nice for us to be together for a celebration rather than a funeral.
I took advantage of Bath and Body Works super Saturday Sale. When you purchased 3 Signature Collection items you got 3 free. Also with the Saturday special you got one full sized bodywash and one lotion of a new spring scent. The final bonus was $1 shipping.
Saturday was also an all day beauty event on QVC. It Cosmetics has their very first foundation called Anti Aging Celebration Foundation . It is supposed to be full coverage and comes with a super plush brush. I can't wait to try it. I am always on the quest for the best foundation.

Until my next post, Love and Lipgloss,


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dental Hijinks

While at the dentist today for an unplanned procedure, I was able to pick up my new Zoom Whitening DayWhite Kit. After taking a nap letting the meds wear off from my procedure, I tried the kit.
 At my appointment about a month ago I was fitted for my trays. The process is quite simple for the at home whitening. The kit comes with your trays and three prefilled syringes with the product. For each treatment you put a tiny dot of the product in each of the sections of your trays. Put the trays in and leave them in for 30 minutes. I am pleased with the results after only one treatment. Having whiter teeth sure boosts your spirits.

XoXo Love and Lipgloss,


Mini Haul @ Walmart

Mini haul on Thursday. I did some shopping at WalMart. I picked up some great recommendations from Emily Noel @ Beauty Broadcast. 
For a long time I was just a lip balm lip gloss kinda gal, but in the last year I have become a lipstick nut. Seriously.
Some time last year Emily made a video Fav MAC lipsticks + Drugstore Dupes .  I only own one MAC lipstick and I am not that crazy about it. In fact I can't even tell you if I have it anymore. LOL! Anyway the colors she chose looked great and would flatter a lot of skin tones. Of the list she came up with, so far I have picked up: Loreal Color Riche in Fairest Nude , and Maybelliene Color Sensational in Born With It .
I also picked up a new aerosol hairspray from Treseme called Tres Two . This will be the first time I have ever tried a Treseme hairspray. Emily has highly regarded this spray in multiple videos and her hair never looks stiff or crazy.
I can't wait to let you know how I like these products. Thanks for stopping by.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is another series I have started. The first step to recovery is realizing you have a problem. I do have a serious problem purchasing cosmetics..... I love to! I am trying to "shop my stash" and use a lot of the products I have before buying more. Each month I aim to share with you my empty products and give a brief shout out about each product.

One of my favorite products is mascara. I started a new series of videos called Mascara of the Month. This is where I will review two mascaras per month, wearing one for two weeks at a time and sharing my results.
The first mascara for the month of April is from Rimmel called Scandaleyes.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to sharing all things beauty with you.


Kimberly (MsMommaRN)