Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tips for Liquid Liner

One exciting trend in beauty right now is winged liner. I love the look. Right now I am working on mastering it. I hope it doesn't get the best of me like those darn false lashes. LOL.
For a strong winged look, a liquid liner is essential. Once mastered liquid liner can give a dramatic effect. I want to share with you some tips on getting to know your liquid liner. At first it can seem intimidating or daunting, but I promise the end result is beautiful.

  1. Choose a liquid liner based on your taste. If you see someone with liner you admire, TELL THEM SO. People who share a passion for cosmetics love to share, so don't be shy ask them what brand it is and how they like it.
  2. Start with an inexpensive liner. A few that I like are Loreal Telescopic Waterproof Eyeliner and Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner. I will share with you a little about both below.
  3. Once you get your liner home, open it up. Get the feel of the pen or brush. How much product comes out? Is the consistency of the product thin?
  4. Practice. Practice. Practice. Try a swatch on your hand. How does the liner behave? Does the pen or brush drag? Do you need more than one swipe for desired results?
  5. A good time to practice is before you take off your makeup at night. Pull out the eyeliner and draw away.
  6. Don't decide to try your liquid liner on a day you are running late. The end result will not be pretty.
  7. Relax, it's just liner. Have fun with it. Soon you will be dying to line everyone.
A little more on the two brands I mentioned. Both brands are a good example of two types of liquid liner. One, the Loreal Telescopic is a pen type liner. The other Milani is a thick liquid with a brush. Both can achieve the look you want, the type is just a matter of preference and what you are comfortable with.

Pen Type Liquid Liner $5 - $7 @ Drugstores

Brush Type Liquid Liner $4 - $5 CVS or online

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this helped you pick a liner and inspired you to line away!

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  1. i loved liquid liners, im just experimenting with cream liners =)