Friday, April 27, 2012

Best One Dollar Ever Spent

Yesterday our oldest had a tournament game. Of course I was running late. (When am I not) Anyway, I had to stop at Dollar General for a chair because all of mine magically disappeared.
 So anyone that knows me well, knows that I can't pass up a makeup aisle regardless of where I may be. I got my lawn chair and had to check out the cosmetics. Beside, my lips were feeling parched and I didn't have any lipstick in my purse. (GASP!)
 The only lip type items they had were from L.A. Colors. At first glance I didn't see one I liked then I saw Rose Petals and said for a buck what the heck. Can I tell you I am loving the color and the feel. This gloss is not at all sticky, very moisturizing, and a nice color payoff. Even hours after the color is gone my lips do not feel dry and actually feel quite moisturized.

So my next trip to Dollar General you can bet I will be paying more attention to the L.A. Colors Glosses.

Love and Lipgloss,


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